Week 6 
Qualitative Research Methods 

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o Chapter 6, “Qualitative Research” (pp. 126-145)
Lietz, C. A., & Zayas, L. E. (2010). Evaluating qualitative research for social work practitioners. Advances in Social Work, 11(2), 188-202. Retrieved
from article/viewFile/589/1790
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o SocialWorkResearch:ProgramEvaluation
Choose Two:

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o Browne, D., & Moloney, A. (2002). Contact irregular: A qualitative analysis of the impact of visiting patterns of natural parents on foster placement. Child and Family Social Work, 7, 35–45. 
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o Luke,N.,&Banerjee,R.(2012).Maltreatedchildren’s social understanding and empathy: A preliminary exploration of foster carers’ perspectives. Journal of Child & Family Studies, 21(2), 237–246. 
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Week 6 
Qualitative Research Methods 
o Shek,D.T.L.,Tang,V.M.Y.,&Han,X.Y.(2005). Evaluation of evaluation studies using qualitative methods in the social work literature (1990–2003): Evidence that constitutes a wake-up call. Research on Social Work Practice, 15(3), 180–194. 
o Venkatesh,S.A.(1997).Thethree-tiermodel:How helping occurs in urban, poor communities. The Social Service Review, 71(4), 574–606. 

Relationship Between Qualitative Analysis and Evidence-Based Practice 
2-page paper that addresses the following: Choose two qualitative research studies from this week’s Learning Resources and analyze the relationship between qualitative analysis and evidence-based practice. Consider how the qualitative study contributes to social work practice and how this type of knowledge would fit into building evidence-based practice. 
Please not that this is a master level program 

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