Assignment 1: Creating Effective Goals

Assignment 1: Creating Effective Goals
The simple act of setting goals for employees functions to increase their motivation (goal-setting theory). Goal-setting theory is generally accepted as the most valid and useful motivation theory in industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology, human resources management (HRM), and organizational behavior (OB). However, goals must be designed well to be most effective.
Using what you have learned in this module, augmented by research on goal-setting, respond to the following:

Briefly describe your current or a past professional position and provide essential information about the organization—what is the industry, and what do they do?
Indicate if the organization uses a goal-setting approach/process. Respond to the following:

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Assignment 1: Creating Effective Goals
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If yes, what levels of the organization are involved? Briefly describe the process.
If no, do you believe a goal-setting approach would help? What levels of the organization do you think should be involved and why?

Analyze or create your personal goals.
If you have goals, critique them on the following areas:

Are they effective or ineffective?
What is good or bad about the goals and the associated process?
What might be done differently? Why would the change be an improvement?

If you do not have goals, create four goals for yourself keeping in mind that the goals should be position specific and cover a short time span (for example, three months). Also, describe:

How will the goals benefit you?
How will your goals benefit the organization?

Submission Details:

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