Write 6 research reports. each one should be no more than one page.
it is about psychology class 

it essentially you will find a research article and summarize this article. 

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Each paper will be based on a scientific article in a psychology journal.  You are to summarize and critically evaluate the article by: 
—Identifying the purpose of the study (why did the authors conduct this study) 
—Stating the hypotheses in the study 
—Summarizing in sufficient detail the method used by the authors (the procedure, materials, and participants selected)
—Reporting the results from the study and the general conclusions 

Each report should be no more than 1-2 pages in length and will be judged on the basis of clarity, spelling, grammar, and content.  

Empirical articles must be obtained through Google Scholar or PsychINFO.  (present) Empirical articles may be on any psychological topic you choose, but they must be an original scientific study (not a review article). 

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