Art Movement

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Art Movement
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Art Appreciation              

Presentation 1: Art Movement


Description of Presentation:

Each student will be part of a team of classmates to present a significant art movement as part of their semester grade. The art movement will be assigned, and students will be responsible for delegating responsibilities that contribute to the final presentation in class. Each person on the team needs to contribute to this project, and will be evaluated by their peers at the end of the semester based on their contributions. The presentation should show that the student has mastered the information. Presentations should not be read directly from the PowerPoint, but should instead be given in a way that respects the audience and keeps them engaged. Students should practice giving the presentation ahead of time.



How to present your art movement:

You will need to gather the following information to include in your presentation.

·         Time period of your art movement (dates)

·         Location of the art movement (can include an image(s)

·         Social, economic, and political climate of the time and place the movement occurred.

·         Characteristics of the movement.

o   Content: the meaning of the work

o   Subject matter: the topic or issue that is represented in the artwork

o   Form: how the elements are arranged to create a composition

·         How did the preceding art movement prompt your movement?

·         4 images representing significant work from your art movement (each image should contain title, date, medium)

·         Biography of assigned artist from your movement.

o   4 images (portrait, map of where they are from, etc…get creative!)

o   Name

o   Birth-death dates

o   Education

o   Family

o   Origin

o   An interesting detail(s) about their life; life experiences that influenced the artist

·         3 images of your artists work (each image should contain title, date, medium)

o   Choose one of the artworks from your artist to lead the class through a formal analysis. Instructions on how to do this can be found in your Formal Analysis paper instructions.

·         How did this movement influence the next art movement?

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