art 3 project

se the template provided to prepare a report that details similarities and differences between religious buildings: A Greek temple, a Roman temple, an Early Christian church, and a Byzantine church. Follow these instructions to complete the assignment:

Download the Word document worksheet for completing this assignment here.
Complete Part 1, Comparison Chart:

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art 3 project
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From the list of examples provided in the worksheet, choose one example from each: A Greek temple, a Roman temple, an Early Christian church, and a Byzantine church.
Carefully examine each building and read about it in your textbook, course lectures, and through reliable internet resources.
Then, note in the chart the visual characteristics for each type of religious building that are similar and different.

Complete Part 2, Historical and Social Context: In a paragraph of at least 8-10 sentences, highlight key similarities and differences between the four structures, and any social, historical, religious, and/or political factors that may have contributed to these similarities and differences. Explain the use and function of each structure, and provide any additional details that help us understand its full meaning.

Submission Details:

Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

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