APP 2_ Journal Entry 2

Application: Planning for Diversity Among Adult Learners

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APP 2_ Journal Entry 2
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Part 1: Course Project Interview

In the Discussion this week, you took the perspective of an adult educator responding to a realistic yet hypothetical diversity scenario. In this Application, you will learn the perspective of a professional adult educator with regard to working with adult learners who are diverse in their backgrounds, abilities, and/or approaches to learning.

To prepare for the interview, locate the “Interview #1 With a Professional Adult Educator: Planning for Diversity Among Adult Learners” document in this week’s Learning Resources or by clicking the link that follows.

Interview #1 With a Professional Adult Educator: Planning for Diversity Among Adult Learners

Review the recommended interview questions. There are both general questions to help you learn more about the setting within the early childhood field in which the educator works and specific questions about diversity among adult learners. Add any questions that address your curiosity or concerns, as well as any other topics you’d like to cover. Take detailed notes and/or record the interview. If recording, obtain permission in advance.

After the interview, review your notes/taped record to get a coherent picture of the educator’s experiences and points of view. To complete this Application, reflect on what you have learned through the interview to produce the following:

  • A summary of the interview that includes key points with regard to the area or setting in which this adult educator is working (community college, professional development, training, etc.), adult learners in this setting, and the educator’s insights and experiences related to understanding, respecting, and working with people who are diverse.
  • Ways in which this interview have informed your future work with adult learners

Note: Include references to the course Learning Resources as appropriate to support your thinking.

(Assignment length: approximately 2–3 pages)

Part 2: Compiling a Strategies for Teaching Adults Toolkit

Drawing from the Learning Resources this week, describe at least three strategies to add to your Toolkit for working with a group of learners who are diverse and/or for supporting the strengths and meeting the needs of individual learners and provide a rationale for your choices.

(Assignment length: approximately 2 pages)

Note: You need only to submit Part 1 of this Application Assignment. Title Part 2 of this assignment “Week 2: Toolkit” and save it to the folder you created in Week 1.

Submit this assignment by Sunday of this week.


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