APA format assignment & Plagiarism assignment

Note: These are general assignments needed for my MSW orientation class. Please follow instructions and complete both separately

Writing a Paper in APA Format
Review the information supplied from the library on APA formatting – click on the following link:

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APA format assignment & Plagiarism assignment
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APA Formatting – Cannon Memorial Library

Assignment 1: APA format 

Complete a layout for an appropriate APA paper, include the title page, reference page, and one page demonstrating appropriate header layout (no abstract page needed) using the following information:


Paper Title:     My Sample Paper

Utilize your name and Saint Leo University

Include Running head and page numbers


Body of Paper

the importance of apa format

Your professor may want you to format your paper using American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines. If you were told to create your citations in APA format, your paper should be formatted using the APA guidelines as well.  Uniform style helps readers scan articles quickly for key points and findings. Rules of style in scientific writing encourage full disclosure of essential information with minor distractions.  Utilizing APA formatting when writing papers will assist in becoming more familiar and proficient in this style of formatting for future research review.

what you need to know

apa page layout requirements

margin size, page layout, font choice and size should all be set before you begin writing.  Be sure to refer to the 6th edition of the apa publication manual (2008) for these requirements.  all APA papers should include a title and reference page.  Specific layout of these pages is required and may also be found in this manual.  Given that assignments require this format, mistakes can be costly in the form of lost points toward your grade.

apa Content Order

All apa -formatted papers, from the paper you turn in for class, to papers published in journals, contain most of the following parts, always in the same order:

title page



review of the literature






 protection from plagiarism

to plagiarize something is to take someone else’s idea or direct quote as your own without properly citing the original source. protect yourself from suspicion or allegation of plagiarism by using the apa citation basics below:

in-text citations in a paper and the References page should always match. keep in mind that both in-text and reference citations should start with the same author’s name. if there is no named author, the title of the work should come first.

in-text citations should be used any time you use information from a source, even if you paraphrase or summarize it in your own words.

direct quotations are a special case. Any time you take three or more consecutive words from a source, put quotation marks around those words and add the in-text citation and the page number.


Reference Page

2017, Why We “Speak” APA in Academics.  By Audra Spicer, Colorado State University-Global Campus. https://csuglobal.edu/blog/what-is-apa-style-and-why-is-it-important


american psychological association, 2017, Why is apa style needed? http://www.apastyle.org/learn/faqs/why-apastyle-needed.aspx


2009, american psychological association, publication manual of the american psychological association. washington, d.c.: american psychological association.


Review the Saint Leo University Library information on plagiarism:


Now review the Saint Leo University Academic Honor Code

Saint Leo University Academic Honor Code

After reviewing the Saint Leo University Academic Honor Code, and the information on Plagiarism in the link provided, briefly answer the following questions and submit in the submission link:

Define plagiarism
Identify what sources need to be cited in your writing
Know how to paraphrase the words of others
Describe how to effectively incorporate quotations when writing a paper
Describe methods that can be used to avoid plagiarism

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