As you will see in this class, ethnographies are different compared to standard research papers. They tend to be more reflexive – they include the ethnographer’s experiences, biases, and interests – and they often have a narrative structure. They incorporate anecdotes and tell stories, and interpret them with support from anthropological and social theory. The arguments presented in ethnographies are supported by evidence from the author’s fieldwork experience and/or from scholarly literature. Unsubstantiated opinions should not be included. I highly encourage you to use your creativity in constructing your ethnography—multi-media projects may also be accepted at the discretion of the instructor and your TA.
*Due to Covid-19, you should choose a fieldsite in which you can safely conduct your research: this can be done in a digital space, among members of your household, or with non-humans. Check with your instructor or TA if you’re unsure.
While you should feel free to creatively explore the ethnographic genre, you should include the following in the paper:

An explanation/description of your fieldsite
An explanation/description of the study population
An explanation of the original research question. If the research question changed during the course of the study (it happens often!) explain how it changed, why, and what the final research question was.
An explanation of the methods used and a brief justification for each of them.
There must be a minimum of 3 scholarly citations drawn from the class reading, films, and other media (at least 2 must be text-based)
Discuss the findings of your anthropological fieldwork.

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The final paper should be 5-7 pages, double-spaced, 1” margins, 12 pt. standard font. Citations should be done according to the AAA style guide (Chicago: Author, Date).

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