answer should be numbered?


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answer should be numbered?
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1.    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1962) was charged with plagiarism on his doctoral dissertation (1955) at the Boston University. Since both Dr. King and his academic advisor have passed away, they could not defend themselves. If you were their advisors or lawyers, how would you defend them? If not, why not?

2.    Jason Blair (1976- ), a journalist, a graduate of University of Maryland, was a rising star at the New York Times until the discovery of his plagiarized articles, forcing him to resign from his promising position. What advice would you like to give him now for his future career since probably no newspaper or journal publishers would hire him?

3.    You will be writing multiple research papers for the course on the given topic. How would you make sure that you would not be charged with plagiarism on your paper? In case of plagiarism, how would you resolve it at school?

4.    In using the Internet site for your research reference, how can you tell whether site is legitimate or illegitimate? That is, the site provides plagiarized papers or not.


5.    Why would people settle and build around a river? Think of many reasons that make this a wise location. Discuss how the rivers were useful in the cultures studied. Be sure to name the rivers and the cultures.

6.    Look at the figure of King Menkure and His Chief Queen and figure of Family Scene: Pharaoh Akhenaten, Queen Nefertiti, and Their Three Daughters. Compare and contrast the depictions.


7.    Discuss the philosophers Thales, Pythagoras, and Heraclitus. What were the main ideas of each? Are their ideas relevant today?


8.    Who was Alexander the Great? Who was his father? What were Alexander’s accomplishments?

9.    Describe the history, purpose and use of the Parthenon since the days of its origin.


10.  Explain the characteristics of Hellenistic sculpture. Give several examples of both male and female forms. How did this differ from earlier Greek art?


11.  Compare and contrast two Hellenistic sculptures (Old Market Woman, and Aphrodite of Melos): their subject matter, treatment, and effect.


12.  The Romans are known for being practical and ingenious at adapting things invented by other cultures for even better uses. Explain and give examples.



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