Answer Questions Based on the Article and Outside Source – Due Midnight!

The ethics case study (PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILE) is actually 7 mini-cases. Here are the questions for the cases (plus an extra question):

1. When is a tip a bribe? And what is the difference between a perk and a bribe? (Can use outside source)

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Answer Questions Based on the Article and Outside Source – Due Midnight!
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2. When is it ethical to bill a client for dinner? Should you disclose to the client everything you spend money on? (Can use outside source)

3. In a demanding profession where you’re expected to be “on” all the time, are drugs to be expected and thus condoned? (Can use outside source)

4. Is there a right or wrong answer to this caselet? (Case & outside source)

5. Does the client need to know that the sales person isn’t part of the day-to-day team? Does it matter? Does it matter how the company presents itself to the client? (Case & outside source)

6. What decision should Jain make? How should he advertise the new and old models? (Be specific in terms of price, place and promotion) (Case & outside source)

7. If an ad is accurate, while actually only telling half the story, is it still the truth? It is ethical to change a product dramatically without telling customers? (Case & outside source)

8. Is it ethical to advertise pharmaceutical products direct to consumer? (Case & outside source)

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