Ancient China’s Web Quest

|  | Ancient China Web Quest| | Use the following links to answer your questions. Write your answers on your worksheet. | 1. | China is located on the continent of _____China is entirely located on the continent of Asia___________________. http://www. rcps. org/mch/worksheets/ancient_china/where_is_china_located. htm | 2. | The capital of China is ____Beijing____________________________. http://www. rcps. org/mch/worksheets/ancient_china/capitalofchina. htm | 3. | There are 3 major rivers in China.
Two of those rivers start with the letter “Y”. They are the _______Yangtze River, the Yellow River, and the Pearl River. _______________ http://www. rcps. org/mch/worksheets/ancient_china/geography_china. htm | 4. | The Himalayas are the highest mountain range in the world. The name of the highest peak (mountain) in that range is ______The highest point (mountain) in China is Mount Everest (8,850 meters tall)_____ _________________. http://www. rcps. org/mch/worksheets/ancient_china/geography_china. htm | 5. The longest structure ever built by man, covering about 4000 miles, is the ___Great Wall _________ ______________ _______ ____________. http://www. rcps. org/mch/worksheets/ancient_china/gw_China. htm | 6. | Gunpowder was invented by the Chinese. The first fireworks were probably made by stuffing _____gunpowder__________ into some _______ bamboo _______ sticks. http://www. rcps. org/mch/worksheets/ancient_china/fireworks. htm | 7. | Another invention from China is silk. Silk is made from _____China___________________. ttp://www. rcps. org/mch/worksheets/ancient_china/silk. htm | 8. | Ancient Chinese and even some Chinese shopkeepers of today use this object to do math like we use a calculator. It is the ___Abacus___________. http://www. rcps. org/mch/worksheets/ancient_china/abacus. htm | 9| Something the Chinese invented to show direction is the ___Compass____________. http://www. rcps. org/mch/worksheets/ancient_china/compass. htm | 10. | On windy days, these things will fly. They are ______Kites______________.
Some Chinese kites are designed as animals and they can roll their _____eyes_________. http://www. rcps. org/mch/worksheets/ancient_china/kites. htm | 11. | Name two more Chinese inventions. __________paper__________________     _______________ movable type printing _________________ http://www. rcps. org/mch/worksheets/ancient_china/inventions. htm | 12. | The Chinese use characters or little pictures to write. Another word for this type of writing is _____ Calligraphy _________________. http://www. rcps. org/mch/worksheets/ancient_china/calligraphy. htm|

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