Write a 300-400 word response to the following prompt:
The readings about the Oneida Community and the Creation Museum provide two examples of ways Christians have responded to scientific developments and social change in the United States. Compare these two case studies. What were the core issues that the Oneida’s founder, John Humphrey Noyes, was grappling with?  What beliefs and practices did he develop in response? What core issues does the Creation Museum grapple with, and how does it do so? What similarities and/ or differences do you see in these two case studies?
As you formulate your answer, keep in mind that the Oneida Community was a religious movement, and the Creation Museum is a religious attraction that is visited by members of a variety of conservative and fundamentalist Christians from different denominations. So, in your answer you will not be comparing two “religions” per se, but rather two different case studies of religious belief and practice as carried out in particular places and times. 
As you formulate  your answer, refer explicitly to the readings by Stevenson and Wayland Smith. However, be sure to complete the other readings and lectures in order to develop the strongest possible answer. The lecture videos on the Oneida Community and the divide between liberal and conservative Protestantism will be especially useful here. 
Due to the brevity of the assignment, introduction and conclusion paragraphs are not needed. However, answers must be composed using complete sentences and paragraphs, using clearly developed topic sentences.
Your response should assume that the reader is already familiar with the readings. That is, limit your summary of the readings to a few sentences and dedicate the majority of your time to analysis.
If you use quotations in your essay, keep them brief (no more than 20% of your answer). Quotations should be formatted in accordance with the following example:
According to Gill, initiation into the kachina cult “is the formal introduction into the religious life of the Hopi” (Gill,  66).
Grades will be based on:
            Level of engagement with class materials: (5 points)
            Depth and originality of analysis: (5 points)
            Writing quality (grammar, punctuation, organization, etc): (5 points)

watch these videos and read the files uploaded. 
use right citation and make sure to capitalize correctly . 

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