Allerca cat

Creates truly unique products—the world’s first scientifically proven hypoallergenic cats. Genetically engineered, the medium sized ALLERCA GD cat weighs 10-15 pounds and is fully mature at age three. According to ALLERCA, the cats have long life expectancies and possess sweet and affectionate dispositions. For a price of about $3,000, you receive a 12-week-old kitten, complete with all shots and vaccinations, an embedded microchip identifier implant, and a one-year guarantee. Customers purchase kittens over the Internet and must pay approximately $1,000 for processing and transportation.

The high shipping cost occurs because commercial air shipping is stressful to the animal; therefore, the kitten travels in a specialized private jet courier. According to ALLERCA, the current wait time for the ALLERCA GD kitten is approximately two years. Potential buyers may reduce their wait times to just a few months by paying $2,000 for one of the few kittens in the Premium Placement Program. This product is sold over the Internet. How can ALLERCA use Internet advertising technologies to reach its target market? (Visit the Internet Advertising Bureau at www.

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Allerca cat
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iab. net to learn about recent technologies. ). What might be the main objectives of advertising and pubic relations for ALLERCA and what factors will affect ALLERCA’s decision about its advertising and PR budgets? In addition to Internet marketing, what other advertising media and PR tools would you choose for promoting ALLERCA and its unique products? It is very important to identify the target market. The Allerca GD cats have a lot of benefits for the users including:- 1. They do not cause allergy as induced by other cats
2. They could be beneficial to individuals with health problems such as asthma, psoriasis, skin rashes, etc, and who love cats. Such individuals who may be advised by the doctor not to keep cats in their homes may now do so without any health concerns 3. The life expectancy of such cats are longer 4. these cats are sweet and affectionate compared the generic ones 5. It is easier to identify these cats as they have a microchip embedded beneath their skin 6. The cats are free of disease and infections as they are vaccinated 7.
The cats can be purchased over the internet and hence the customer does not have any hassle of going to the buyer and purchasing the cat 8. the Customer gets a guarantee that the cat is genetically modified and has the characteristics claimed to be possessed 9. The animal is given the best treatment as it is not transported by road or air cargo 10. The customer would get the cat earlier if needed a nominal amount is paid The internet strategy of reaching the target audience forms an important part of marketing in order to be successful. The first important step would be to identify the target market.
Invariable the organization should involve this in their marketing plan. IF an individual who suffers from a medical condition such as asthma, and is also a feline-lover, he would be searching the electronic media (including radio, TV and the internet) of ways in which he could fulfill his desires. Hence, it important to the organization to identify the exact media that potential customers would be looking in so as to obtain the cats. Any ads placed by the company would be effective only if they reach the customers and match their interests.
The company should also be aware that for any advertisement it would be placing in the media, a greater percentage of people would be noticing the ad but not responding to it. Hence, it is very important to have an ad which would catch the attention of the potential customers, who would also be ready to bear the costs of buying the product. One method of doing this would be to have repeated advertisements on the internet, in order to create awareness amongst the audience. Besides, the company should also focus on educating the customer.
Such customers would potentially get motivated at purchasing the product (Search Engine Optimization and Beyond, 2008). One important point to not of the internet is that it is a very large means of communication and any advertisement that would be inserted would reach each and every corner of the globe. This does not make life any easier for the manufacturer as he has to search the global market for potential customers. Online survey sites are not able to provide details of the demographics and the type of customers that would be available at specific positions on the internet.
Many companies are trying to map their customers on the internet, more often without much success. This is because many people who use the internet consider it to be a very unsafe place, prone for abuse and misuse, and hence may not be willing to give out their personal details. One way of reaching potential customers would be to have advertisements on websites that the target audience is identified. Newsletters that serve to help people needing appropriate products could also be utilized as a source of advertisements and educating the potential customers.
Many of the online newsletters seem to have a good customer base, and involving the company producing these newsletters would be very effective in marketing the product over the internet. The company could also help the customers further by asking them their email addresses. Online forms placed at relevant websites could also be utilized by the company and would seem a more genuine and effective approach by the customers. Once the customer gets in touch with the company, a greater amount of interaction, clearing doubts, etc, is required.
Online tracking services also seem to be a good approach by the company. If a visitor to the company’s website is having a doubt, then an online chat tool with the company executive could help to clear further doubts. This process is known as ‘web casting’. Besides this, forums, online communities, bulletin boards, etc, help the people in search of getting a particular product or service from the right manufacturers (Search Engine Optimization and Beyond, 2008). Allerca would be having several objectives when it comes to marketing their product. These include:- • Brand-building campaign
• Creating interest amongst the general public and the target market • Providing information – in the form of education and awareness campaigns • Creating demand for their product • Reinforcing their brand (Know This, 2008). Some of the information that should be present in the advertisement include:- • Information of the product • Information of the price • Information about other promotions • Information about distribution of the product (Know This, 2008). Allerca could consider using e-mail marketing for their product. This is a very cost-effective form of marketing their products.
However, studies have shown that more than 40 % of the people who utilize the internet would ignore an advertisement sent to their email. Consumers need to know that the email being sent to them is safe and is from a genuine organization. Physical email could also be considered by Allerca but this may be costly and a difficult affair as the address of thousands of potential customers need be obtained from the right database. Studies in certain parts of the world suggest that newspaper and magazine advertisements would be one of the right ways of supplementing online advertisements.
More than 34 % of the people in a survey felt that direct email was a mean of communication in which a relationship could be maintained, whereas 30 % felt that newspaper advertisements could help bring about a relationship (Tedeschi, 2001). Some of the PR tools that Allerca could consider utilizing include community relations activities, social marketing, event sponsorships and awareness campaigns. Event sponsorship seems to be an effective PR tool in this case. During the conductance of a relevant event, Allerca Company could create some awareness in the target audience though sponsorships and awareness campaigns.
The target audience would be brought face to face with the manufacturer during this program. The company executives could realize the expectations of the company. Accordingly they could enter into contract with the consumer or consumer groups. The company would also get an idea of the competitors that may be present. The company can now begin to develop a strategy of competing with other companies. The company could hand out pamphlets, booklets and other material to the audience to ensure that they are educated about the product.
It is also important for the company to follow-up with the potential customer after the event (Full Circle Associates, 1999). References: Full Circle Associates (1999). PR Tools and Techniques, Retrieved on June 7, 2008, from Full Circle Associates Web site: http://www. fullcirc. com/rlc/commrelationstips. htm Know This (2008). Principles of Marketing – Setting the Advertising Objective, Retrieved on June 7, 2008, from Know This Web site: http://www. knowthis. com/tutorials/principles-of-marketing/managing-the-advertising-campaign/1. htm Search Engine Optimization and Beyond (2008).
Identifying And Reaching Your Target Market, Retrieved on June 7, 2008, from Search Engine Optimization and Beyond Web site: http://search-engine-optimization-and-beyond. com/Customer-Centric-Website-Developement/Identifying-And-Reaching-Your-Target-Market. htm Tedeschi, B. (August 6, 2001). E-Commerce Report; online businesses are supplementing their fleet e-mailings with an old warhorse: direct mailings. Retrieved on June 7, 2008, from The NY Times Web site: http://query. nytimes. com/gst/fullpage. html? res=9501E5DF113CF935A3575BC0A9679C8B63

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