Academic Course From United Parcel Services

The main objective of any academic course is to ensure that the learners gain vital information that aims at enhancing their knowledge while at the same time promoting their judge mental and decision makes skills. This course has faired pretty well in as improving my judgmental skills.

Having cleanly studied the United Parcel Services company, (UPS), a company operating in the transport and logistic company has enabled me see how firms can utilize various methods to improve their sales despite the fact that they already have well established brand names (UPS, 2010).

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Academic Course From United Parcel Services
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The course has allowed me to gain vital information concerning specific attribute start makes a monopolistic firm gain the status of being a competitive firm. Central to gaining this competition is advertisement which is useful to increase the consumption of its products hence further locking up its consumers while at the same time, gaining more loyalty to its brand.
The course therefore has been of vital importance as it has allowed me realize the how advertising can be used as a source of strategy. However, despite the importance of advertising, the course has been instrumental in letting the facts concerning its pros and cons be well articulated to me. This therefore means that any firm must learn how to balance its resources between advertising and other issues that must be well met.
This means that advertising when taken to ist overboard shall result to negative effects as opposed to leading the efforts taken towards advertising to relies greater sales and revenue. The course has therefore been of great importance as it has really expounded my knowledge. Reference UPS (2010). About US. Retrieved July 24, 2010, from http://www. ups. com/content/us/en/about/history/index. html

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