A Vision, A Possibility

I was born into a family of four who never experienced silver spoons on our mouths. My father passed away when I was still 24 years old. His death, aside from leaving us with loneliness and grief, also brought us to an unstable economic situation. However, the financial constraints were not successful in dampening my spirit and blocking me from my dreams. I always believe that there is always a way in everything if I put my heart into it. With the help of my mother and my older sister, I was able to finish Law at Kwang Woon University in Seoul, Korea in 2004.
I also took up Arts and Sciences degree, majoring in Liberal Arts at the Kapiolani Community College in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2006. At present, I am enrolled in Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting at the Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii, in Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii. As an assistant to the director of Samnam Corporation in Korea, I learned to take responsibility and initiative. I took charge of assisting the sales department daily operations, the director’s daily schedules, and documents sent to and from other departments.
I also exhibited social responsibility as a volunteer at the Korean Care Home in Kiapu, Hawaii. I am also thankful that I have been given opportunities to share my skills in the martial arts by voluntarily teaching taekwondo at the central YMCA. For me, nobility and honor rises from volunteer works, especially if it means helping those who are badly in need. Even though, I have less earthly treasures, I believe that I can still share something to my countrymen and even to the entire community with my skills and talents.

I know these are endowed upon me to be able to share it to others. If granted, the scholarship would provide me with the opportunity to achieve the goals I have set for myself. I am driven to achieve a career in business and I believe that a thorough mastery in accounting would be of great help to me. I envision myself to be a chief executive officer (CEO) of a stable, well-respected, and well-established corporation in the near future. I am greatly interested in Korean economy and I see myself as an instrument that can help the society in its struggle towards economic stability.
In particular, I would like to discover what industries would prosper both in the United States and my homeland, Korea, and soon venture in economically-beneficial business undertakings. I am also confident that the scholarship would provide me the opportunity, the resources and the information I would need to delve into deeper researches and analyses. These studies would later on be helpful and informative to other students, to the school, to the community and to the society at large. Moreover, with my great virtue of humility, I never forget to look back from where I come from.
Thus, I believe that with my hard work and dedication, I would be of great help to your company and institution. This grant would give me the capacity to share more and help others. Since I am also endowed with the virtue of generosity, I believe that this scholarship would cause a positive multiplier to the community. This scholarship would mean a lot to me because I have a great passion to learn. I hope you will give me a chance to fulfill a very noble mission by granting me this scholarship, and I assure you, you will never regret it because I have a deep commitment for education and service.

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A Vision, A Possibility
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