9-11 Commission Report

The 9/11 commission report was released to give all the information on what occurred on the attacks of September 11. In the commission report it gives information on why the towers were attacked and who was the main suspect. Osama bin laden and Al Qaeda are the ones blamed for the attacks. Since then America isn’t the same anymore. Now we have 24 hour protection from any terrorist risks. Since 9/11, no one has ever been the same.
The airports are now really strict on anything that gets on the plane. We have spent a lot of money in our economy on the war on terror. Terrorism has brought a lot of racism and discrimination to Arab people in America. Since people from the Middle East have been pointed out as the main terrorist everyone here thinks that anyone wearing a turban is a terrorist. The way it has affected me is now I see the world different.
Now anywhere in the world there can be an attacked on anyone from any ethnic group or religious background. I know that terrorist is a real thing happening in the world and no one can argue that we do not need any protection. The 9/11 commission and the news keep us updated on any terrorist activity. The good thing about having information and security from terrorist is that it keeps us safe and prevents tragedies like the one that happened on September 11th.

The bad thing is that I’ve been hearing in the news that a lot of people are not comfortable with the pat down in airports because people feel violated. The screening that they do makes the public feel uncomfortable because their private areas are shown. I necessarily don’t care if they see me naked because I have nothing to hide and I want to get on a plane safe and I hope everyone else has a safe flight. I’m ok with armed air martial’s being on the plane too, you can never be too safe.

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9-11 Commission Report
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