5 essay questions

Please answer the following five essay questions.  Each essay should be 100 words or more.  Please use APA format, Times New Roman 12 point font, with 1″ page margins. Don’t forget to include your references!

Choose a type of crime scene (eg. burglary, homicide) and describe what types of evidence you would expect to find at the scene, and on the victim or suspect which you would submit to the laboratory for forensic analysis in order to associate the crime scene, victim and suspect with each other.
Explain the difference between class and individual characteristics.  What class and individual characteristics would an examiner look for in fingerprints? Bullets/cartridge casings? and footwear impressions?
Describe the difference between nuclear and mitochondrial DNA.  What types of evidence might be analyzed for nuclear DNA? What types of evidence might be analyzed for mitochondrial DNA?
Define the different types of drugs (narcotics, hallucinogens, depressants and stimulants).  List one commonly abused drug from each category and explain how that drug affects the body.
Watch an episode of a police based or forensic science based drama (CSI, Law & Order, NCIS, Bones, Dexter, etc.) and describe the difference between what the characters do in that show that is different from what you learned about in this course.

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5 essay questions
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