1. ASSIGNMENT

This week, I want you to read the article, Berger_Invitation_to_Sociology.pdf , by Peter Berger. Peter Berger is the sociologist responsible for the concept of the sociological perspective, seeing general patterns in the behavior of particular people. For this discussion board, I want you to consider and discuss the following questions: 
1. Who are you and what do find most interesting about people?
2. According to Berger, what type of person is a sociologist and what type of person isn’t a sociologist?
3. Do you fit Berger’s description of a sociologist? Why or why not? 
In your response be sure to do the following: 
1. Respond fully to ALL the questions asked.
2. Reference your textbook in your response.
3. Respond to a fellow classmate.
4. Make each post at least 150 words in length. 

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                                                       ASSIGNMENT  2.
Journal Instructions 
I want you to utilize your sociological perspective to harness your sociological imagination. Again, the sociological perspective is seeing general patterns in the behavior of particular people. One general pattern we see in the US today is many people attending community college. Some coming right from high school, some coming while in high school, some returning after time off and others to embark upon a career change. The sociological imagination is understanding the intersection between history and biography, or rather understanding the larger social forces at work impacting an individual’s life. Read this article, The-Promise.pdf , from C. Wright Mills about the sociological imagination. Then, think about your attendance at PVCC. What social forces and/or factors (think political, economic, social) have contributed to you attending community college? Try to think as broadly and exhaustively as you can. Also, try to think on a macro scope- things that are larger than you but impact your everyday life. Perhaps the fact that our society provides federal funding through grants and loans is a factor or laws that have changed allowing and encouraging women’s and people of color’s attendance in college; it could also be that our economy is such that college degrees are required for greater rewards (i.e. higher paying jobs). I hope these ideas get help to jump-start your thinking. Feel free to use them as they apply to you, but then expand!
For this Journal be sure to do the following:
– Include an introduction and conclusion
– Write at least 500 words   

                                                          ASSIGNMENT  3. APPLYING THEORY

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