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 PART 3: PERSPECTIVE ON CULTURAL DIVERSITY 1. Describe how your three selected artists, artworks, and themes are similar across culture and time. a. Identify the ways your selected works of art reflect influences from other cultures. b. How has analyzing your three selected works of art helped broaden yourunderstanding of how art transcends time and culture? 2. Describe how learning about the visual arts impacts your perspective on culturaldiversity. a. In what ways has learning about visual arts from other cultures andtimes fostered a deeper appreciation for cultures other than your own? b. Give an example of how your artwork analysis has changed your current perspective on the role of cultural diversity in society and in art? PART 3 REQUIREMENTS • Reflective paper that describes how artists, their artwork, and the themes of their artwork are similar across culture and time. • Description of how learning about visual arts impacted your perspective on culturaldiversity. • Include images of your selected artworks in your paper. ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS • Part 1 o 1-2 pages o APA formatting • Part 2 o 2-3 pages o APA formatting o Plagiarism Submission • Part 3 o 2-3 pages o APA formatting o Plagiarism Submission 

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