150 words each response two of my classmate discussion DUE TODAY IN TWO HOURS


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150 words each response two of my classmate discussion DUE TODAY IN TWO HOURS
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Post by Brittany Burgess

1 hour agoRe: Week 5 | Discussion – Status Check

This week scheduled tutoring for Lesson 4: Single and Multi-Step Inequalities Homework although I am currently doing ok in the class this was the homework that really threw me for a loop. I felt it was difficult for so many reason and from what I got through my tutor it’s all about saying the problems out loud and referencing to some lessons I learned. I went back to my previous homework and took some questions that I had trouble with the tutor helped me complete it by going over each steps and I wrote all the information down as we went through each step so I could remember. I think I just have a problem with understanding word problems and putting together the clue words . Using the tutor was a good idea but when the tutor was going over the questions and answers it I understood it a lot better than doing it on my own which a lot of my problem is I get really frustrated when I can understand what the question is asking me to do. Also I did have trouble writing in some answers like a fraction with exponents although my answer was correct it was wrong because I couldn’t figure out how to put it in correctly with the formula that was given for the homework site. Anyways all in all I had some trouble with last weeks assignments but I still made it through so that was a blessing. 


Post by Noelani Johnson

1 day agoRe: Week 5 | Discussion – Status Check

The week that was very difficult for me I would have to say week 3 the function notation and linear functions. Math isn’t my best topic I always had a very had time when it came down to math. When I used to get tutor, I would be so ashamed to ask the questions that I wanted to ask or even ask for help because I didn’t want anyone to see me any kind of different. Now that I am older and regret not asking for the help that I needed but I have another chance that I can ask and learn what I need to learn. I feel like when it comes to failing, we think it is bad failing isn’t bad whatsoever we learn from our mistakes. My father always tells me “if you like money then you like math. You can’t like money without liking math because you have to do math when it comes to money” I will never forget what he told me. My tutor helped me understand what a function is and how to understand everything. When my tutor did step by step with me it helped me understand more. I learned that when a function is said to be a linear if the dependent and the independent variable grow with constant ratio which means that the slope of the function is constant, and the graph is a line. The equation of the line, in function notation is given by y=ax+b.  I would have to say over all my tutor helped me a lot and I think I am going to start using it. When it comes to online courses we all learn really bad habits that we have to learn how to stop and I feel like we all hate to admit it but we sometimes get lazy and stop trying so my strategies is to push myself and never be afraid to ask for help. And stop letting everything else come in the way of something that I want. Like my grandpa always says, “when one door closes another door will be open”.

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