Сonsequences Of School Bullying

Bullying is recognized as a form of aggressive behavior that repeatedly implicates severe consequences to the victims. Even though bullying commonly happens in childhood, the impact can last well into adulthood. In order to provide them with such education and successfully decrease the bullying issues from schools, we need to determine the causes and effects that school bullying poses on children.
Children who bully usually come from dysfunctional families which conflict misbehavior and often child neglect or abuse. Based on the survey, a significant number of prone to bullying come from families that left with bad affection and devotion. In such families, parents may often be an example of inappropriate acts, such as being aggressive towards their friends, siblings or anyone around them. In order to make themselves feel better and confident to face others, they will intentionally and continuously react aggressively and simulate it with their peers. This is because they became comfortable with the power and attention that they got from other people and encourage them to gain popularity as well as the ability to have others afraid of them.
Other than that, many students have not learned how to manage the pressure from unmet expectations or lack the ability to solve a problem in their personal life. which make they show their frustrations on those around them. This happen when the bully themself have difficulty in communicating to others when they have a problem. They feel powerless in an environment where the adult is always right. They may express that anger and helplessness by showing their frustration and anger on someone else especially on those whom are weak and don’t have the ability to protect themselves whenever the got into a problem. When people get frustrated and angry, they can usually stop themselves from doing things that will hurt others because they don’t have the ability to control their emotions, and frustration that lead them to create more severe problems

All of these cause can bring a lot of severe impact toward the victim, bystander or the bullies themselves. This will obviously be detected when they start to change their personality especially when they were about to facing each other whenever the got a chance to meeting personally or during a family gatherings.
The effect of school bullying are quite extensive. From a mental point of view, bullying has the potential to severely impact their self –esteem even years after being bullying during their previous school. The victims usually will be inclined to suffer from anxiety and depression because of the threatening and the intimidating that they got from the bullies. Not just that, bullying issues can also affect other psychological effects such as depression, loneliness and finally tend to increase the potential of illness by meeting the psychiatry. These experience may lead them to suffer from mental health, academic or social problems as it grow to became worse.
Another effect of school bullying is their academic performance. After frequently and repeatedly facing a bully, the victim may start to make and excuses to refuse to go to school. They may think that being at home or being at a place that other than school is the only way to save themselves from getting bullied. It also may lead them to drop out of school. This is because some of school were not really getting involve in settling down the problem because of the school priority. Some of the principal or the headmasters think that, the more serious the issues they got, ot will bring harmful effect in order to maintain the image of the school. Some may think that bullying issues is something that don’t even have to involve the adult because this is just some of kids problem that doesn’t even bring harm to the school.
As conclusion, bullying is a serious issue that is affecting very many children in the schools and has been going on for a very long time now. There is the need to come up with a method that will help eliminate its existence especially the new form of bullying that has emerged that is cyberbullying. Parents, teachers, the school administrators and even the laws should help each other to eliminate this kind of issues especially the cyberbullying that was very hard to detect but its consequences can be very damaging as witnessed by other people. The existence of such anti-bully laws like the one in Massachusetts can help deter the bullies from carrying it out due to the harsh measures that are taken against them once they are caught.

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Сonsequences Of School Bullying
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